Working Together: Advancing Innovation

Utilizing our expertise and enthusiasm, the Whiteboard Consulting Team shines in our ability to inspire the human heart and create tools that help to advance your goals. We offer training and consulting services in the following areas. Drop us a line to start a conversation about the needs of your organization. 

Strategic Planning and Board Development

Refresh Vision - Refocus Mission

Vision and mission are vital to a successful organization. We help make sure the organization's vision and mission are aligned and concise enough for your team and supporters to remember. In fact, we aim for 12 words or less. 

We are well aware that when priorities are not clear, an organization may desire to be all things to all people. We help establish the organization's top three priorities, solidifying relevance in the community. 

"Tony offers the

tools and endless motivation. His energy and enthusiasm are amazing! He is a great role model to others, including myself. 

"Tony is an articulate, highly focused and flexible colleague with particular interest in youth and their success! A genuine 'people person' in the first degree."

Janet Norton, Employment Training and Treatment Manager at Oregon

Department of Corrections

System Creation, Coalition Building and Resource Alignment

Re-establish Relationships - Reconsider Resources

We believe in building systems that help align community resources. Sometimes, in the heat of the battle, it is hard to see the collective energy that other organizations represent. As such, we experience missed opportunities to scale programs, unite resources, and build strong coalitions that advance our mission. 

We help your organization realize and expand opportunities by facilitating connections and creating tools that foster collective effort to meet common goals. 

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Rethink Purpose - Rebuild Focus

Executive leadership can be a lonely place. Sometimes you need someone to help you see the obvious or allow you to think out loud to process your ideas while providing guidance and direction to discover and reach your leadership potential. We utilize our experience in executive management to provide one-on-one coaching that will help you focus, refine, and execute your ambitious goals. 

It is also important that your team understands who you are and what you desire to help them achieve. We can help facilitate the growth of your team and foster internal collaboration by helping team members discover how their collective talents help to advance the mission. 

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